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Airseas was founded out of the need to act urgently for our planet and climate.
We are committed to provide all ships with the means to harness free and unlimited wind energy.

Seawing is based on four principles


Fuel savings chart

Flying dynamically over 200m above sea level, Seawing is a 1000m2 wing designed to fully harness the power of the wind, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 10% to 40%.


System dashboard

Leveraging automation technologies from the aeronautical sector, Seawing is activated at the push of a button and is 100% automated. It is simple to use, operated from the bridge, with minimal training required for crews to deploy and operate.

future proof

Airbus boat

Seawing enables owners and operators to take control of their emissions now and get a head start in preparing for decarbonisation. It can be deployed on virtually any ship, bringing energy efficiency gains that will support the transition to new fuels. It also is fuel agnostic and ship interchangeable, bringing flexibility to your fleet management.



Airseas merges the strong aerospace safety requirement (SAE-ARP-4761) with the maritime standards (IMO MSC 1455 process) to guarantee the safest product. Digital models are constantly validated with real-life data to guarantee safety.