Seawing, the automated kite that tows ships…

Seawing exploits a free source of energy that allows to reduce the power demand on the main engines.

Seawing is a safe choice as its savings on energy cost and gas emissions always apply.

Seawing pilots the kite position, altitude and speed in order to provide the best thrust to the ship in a given situation.

Seawing can be re-installed on any vessel of a fleet. This allows flexibility to operating companies that are operating ships on a rental basis.

Seawing, the solution

  1. SAFE


    Seawing inherited safety processes from aeronautics. Using Failure Hazard Analysis to determine criticality and System Safety Assessment to show that safety objectives are met. Safety on board is also guaranteed through a secured take-off and landing software. The captain has a full control of operations and the crew can autonomously do the maintenance.

  2. FULL


    Seawing is a revolutionary innovation. It deploys, operates and furls 100% automatically.
    Seawing also analyzes a plethora of complex data in real time as well as adapts autonomously to prevailing conditions in order to optimize the ship’s performance whilst guaranteeing maximum safety.

  3. EASY TO


    The simple and modular nature of Seawing allows a streamlined installation during the timeframe of a regular stop at a port of call.
    Seawing has been designed to facilitate a rapid installation on almost all commercial ships in operation today

Seawing, business review

The Maritime transport industry is under mounting pressure; pressure to remain economically competitive and pressure to adhere to ever increasing environmental requirements.
Seawing is one example of how Airseas is applying aerospace engineering to make the maritime transport industry a more efficient and cleaner option.

  1. 28 000 28 000 boats
  2. 320b$/year 320b$/year (construction & services)
  3. 2.7 2.7% worldwid CO2 emissions
  4. Fuel = 35-50% costs

Airseas is an industrial firm which had come out of Airbus group, dedicated to delivering automated power kites capable of towing commercial ships.

Airseas was founded to act for our oceans and our planet. Our commitment is to provide all ships with free and unlimited wind energy.

Airseas’s approach is to dare a breakthrough in the maritime sector through a disruptive technology by combining our unique aeronautical know-how with maritime innovations.


5 rue Humbert Tomatis
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