Deployed system


Seawing enables 10-40% fuel savings and associated GHG emissions reduction. These performances are achievable thanks to the kite technology being able to harness the most power from wind. They are also achievable through our digital twin that maximises the use of Seawing integrated EcoRouting solution and maximises the power of the system through our flight control laws.
System close up
Seawing footprint on a RoRo Foredeck


Seawing is simple to install and operate. As an automated push-button solution, the system is operated from the bridge and does not require any deck crew intervention during operation. Airseas also provides crew familiarisation training for its system. After ship modification, the installation of the system can be performed in a matter of days at quayside without interrupting commercial activities of the ship. Furthermore, due to its limited deck footprint, Seawing does not interfere with cargo space and cargo operations.
System maintainer

future proof

Seawing is a fuel agnostic solution. Independent from the type of fuel used (oil-based, gas, hydrogen, ammonia, ethanol…) Seawing will always reduce the engine effort and generate savings. It is also easily compatible with other pollution reduction technologies thanks to its limited footprint on the vessel, and its use can be optimised with other equipment thanks to its customizable software. Seawing is also ship interchangeable. It can be transferred from one vessel of the fleet to another, for example when a vessel is sold. Finally, Seawing can be easily retrofitted or integrated onto a newbuild to afford compliance with upcoming environmental regulations.
Wing platform


Applying the « safety-by-design » methodology and know-how coming from aeronautics, Seawing already obtained 2 Approval in Principles. Furthermore, Airseas merges the strong aerospace safety requirement (SAE-ARP-4761) with the maritime standards (IMO MSC 1455 process) to guarantee the safest product. Airseas constantly matches its digital models with real life data to guarantee the most efficient and safest operations.